Staples holds off Wilton in overtime – The Hour

WESTPORT — Scouting reports throughout the FCIAC are going to start seeing the name Arianna Gerig mentioned a lot when it comes to the Staples Wreckers girls basketball team. The 5-foot-11 freshman netted 19 points and grabbed multiple clutch rebounds in the fourth quarter and overtime as the Wreckers pulled out a 45-44 overtime victory over the Wilton Warriors on Tuesday night. Instead of giving the points to the Warriors — which would have been in the case if the teams had been lined up correctly — the correctable error saw the teams switch back to their respective baskets for the remainder of overtime. Leading 41-39 later in the overtime period, Gerig again scored on a driving move that pushed the Wreckers lead to 43-39. Staples wouldn’t trail again, but the Wreckers did have to wait until Wilton missed a pair of would-be winners before the final buzzer sounded. “The bottom line is we could have played on concrete and in the jungle and we just didn’t play well enough,” Wilton coach Rob Coloney said. The Warriors made two more field goals than the Wreckers, but Staples had a 25-13 edge at the foul line, making 16 to Wilton’s eight.

Source: Staples holds off Wilton in overtime – The Hour

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