College Admissions Seminar for Athletes

Message from Coach Huydic

Dear Coach Huydic,

Next week in Westport I’m going to be delivering a free college admissions seminar designed specifically for high school athletes. As a former scholar-athlete who grew up in the area, I’d personally like to invite any and all of your athletes and their parents. We’ll not only be discussing all facets of the recruiting process but also some lesser-known strategies to increase one’s chances of admission to a top college. In addition to this athlete-specific seminar, I’ll be delivering our more inclusive “Top Ten Secrets of the Admissions Process” the following evening. Please forward to your players and their parents the brief descriptions I’ve included below, since I know for a fact how many great opportunities are available for so many of these hardworking and talented individuals. Going forward, I’d love the chance to come speak with your team and/or any other interested parties.
Chris Winkler
Andover College Prep
Staples High School ‘03
Yale University ’07 (Baseball)

How do colleges use PSAT scores when reviewing college athletes? Does a 78% admissions rate sound a whole lot better than 8%? Finally, what exactly do college coaches mean when they say they’re not looking for “athletes”? Join us to find out how and why being recruited could be the single best way to ensure admission to a top college. We’ll cover all aspects of the process: from where to begin and how to best spend your time, to which schools to pursue and how to maximize your chances of acceptance. This seminar is intended to give prospective college athletes and their parents a look into what goes on between a college’s athletics office and its admissions office.
Westport: Wed Dec 18 7:30pm (877 Post Road East, Upper Level) 

How do PSAT scores fit into the college admissions process? Why don’t colleges really care about your cumulative GPA? Why is Score Choice useless? Why does the perfect essay usually hurt more than help? What can you do now to help improve your chances of being admitted? We’ll discuss college admissions trends and tricks as well as standardized tests, college admissions planning, school and summer activities, jobs, and volunteering. Maybe you’ve gone to a Huntington “seminar” and were annoyed by the sales pitch. Maybe you thought that the information provided at “college night” was mostly obvious. You want the real scoop. The inside info. No candy coating. You came to the right place. Our free seminars are informational seminars, not sales pitches. This seminar will give you new information that you’ve never heard before and won’t hear anywhere else! (Yes, really.) We’ll give you the real scoop.
Westport: Thu Dec 19 7:30pm (877 Post Road East, Upper Level) 

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